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Welcome to foreign suppliers
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    Welcome to foreign suppliers  

CEDIA industries, a link between European manufacturers.

Welcome to foreign manufacturing companies!

Manufacturing suppliers, are you interested to export French industrial customers? We can provide you commercial support and competitive advantages.

Offer your know-how, your production capacities and your dynamism to French manufacturers. Since 1989, our project managers have built profitable and reliable partnerships between abroad companies and French customers.

If you want to reply to industrial subcontracting market with a professional approach and a will to manufacture according required standards, we will promote your company and submit to your attention our customers requests for quotes.

So you want to become one of our “partner plant” networks? Do not hesitate to fill in your company profile form and register to access our current projects list

What main advantages you will get partnering with CEDIA ?
- Commercial promotion on French sub-contracting market
- Good credit rating customers and payment safety
- Open mind customers to understand intercultural differences
- Low risk manufacturing with clear and complete contracts
- Volume and scheduled purchase orders
- Import and logistical supply chain administration

What CEDIA can offer you?
- Understand French customers behaviors
- Translations into your language – good communication
- Technical translations of drawings, standards and specifications
- Direct communication between technical people
- Consulting in process engineering
- Training in Quality assurance procedures
- Consulting in cost management
- Purchasing of components and raw materials not available in your country
- Quality surveys

What CEDIA expects from its “partner-plants”:
- An open mind to a continuous progress in manufacturing efficiency
- A will to offer competitive prices based on domestic cost level
- A positive and flexible behaviors regarding CEDIA and its customers
- A commitment to comply trade cooperation agreements set up with CEDIA
- A Zero defect and just in time production goals

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